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We're in Your Neighborhood

Join us as we host thought-leadership events in your area.

View the agendas from our 2018 programs below.

We're bringing together all the parties involved in the business of outsourcing.

That’s really what Outsourced Pharma is all about.

Learn, discuss, debate, question, form relationships ... and do business. All with the feeling of one open community — ultimately in the service of patients around the world.

In person events are dynamic. Reading a white paper or watching a webinar will never be as valuable as a two-way exchange of ideas.

At Outsourced Pharma, we ask that you turn off your phone, close your laptop, and be present. Take one day away from the office and the distractions to meet new people and learn novel ideas you can actually apply to your business.


Our speakers are approachable and no question is off limits

Meet The Speakers From 2018



Sessions are loaded with real takeaways to improve your outsourcing model

Here are 9 that come to mind from Outsourced Pharma meetings past.

1. A company with $7 billion in annual sales can make a 100% outsourced model work (very, very well).
2. You can go from less-than-efficient process capability to lot acceptance rates of 99.8% (a true story!).
3. The consequences of overcapacity should be keeping you awake at night.
4. Geographic proximity matters when it comes to externalizing parts of the supply chain (or does it?).
5. Dual sourcing of material and product is a viable strategy for supply-chain integrity—but requires a lot of work.
6. Metrics are important in managing any relationship, but there’s a paradox when it comes to outsourcing.
7. When looking for capital funding, it’s important to work backwards (and in agonizing detail).
8. Approach outsourcing from the realization you cannot know everything.
9. Consider if your potential partner is fun to work with. If it is going to be a struggle, why bother?


This is our difference

We'd only ask you to attend a conference we'd actually want to attend. For us, that means it must be inviting, high-energy, and incredibly helpful.

Outsourced Pharma events provide an agenda you (really) care about.

We aren't catering to the masses. The reason our model is invite-only is because our agenda is specifically designed to cover the topics related to advancing your development and manufacturing outsourcing model.

Our goal is to build a community where individuals with similar business challenges can meet and learn from each other. Check out this highlights reel to see what we're all about.