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Boston Agenda

A message from Outsourced Pharma

To Our Esteemed Attendees of Outsourced Pharma Boston 2020 -

Due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic in the U.S., Outsourced Pharma Boston 2020 Conference & Exhibition, originally scheduled for May 20, 2020, is cancelled.

The escalating health concerns regarding the coronavirus, and ongoing travel and other restrictions, make it impossible to hold the conference as planned. Additionally, we understand many of you are immersed in unexpected business challenges, and will be dealing with continuously changing priorities in the coming months.

If you’ve already booked your travel, we urge you to make any necessary flight and hotel cancellations.

Outsourced Pharma offers engaging content and resources on our website, and through our e-newsletters. We’ve established a special section on the website, “COVID-19 And Your Supply Chains” targeting our industry during this pandemic. I encourage you to stay engaged in all the conversations and insights being offered from within the industry, and from those who, alongside you, are facing the challenges and novelty of our situation.

We thank you for your dedication to furthering the discourse on drug development and manufacturing outsourcing. We are truly grateful.

Our sincere wishes that all of you stay safe.

Louis Garguilo
Chief Editor / Conference Chair
Outsourced Pharma