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Past Event Information

Details on our past programs, including date/venue, sponsoring organizations, speakers, and agendas.

Past Speaker Interviews

Bob Sheroff, SVP, Technical Operations | Agios Pharmaceuticals

Is Your Outsourcing Reliable, Responsive, And Continuously Compliant?

Timothy Scott, President | Pharmatek Laboratories

A Global Forum For Outsourcing (With Simple Objectives)

Frank Sorgi, President & CEO | FLAG Therapeutics

FLAG These Biopharma Outsourcing Beliefs

 Kevin Judice | Entrepreneur

Serial Entrepreneur Points To Initial Funding Sources For Biotechs

 Piet Houwen, Head of External Manufacturing | Genzyme

Sanofi-Genzyme Together On CMO Reputation Management
In Outsourcing, Genzyme Sees An Advantage

 John McKay, SVP Global Quality and Corporate Compliance Officer | CTI BioPharma

A Trait For Quailty In John McKay's DNA

 Todd Mabe, Head of External Quality, Biologics Drug Substance | Genentech

Genentech Speaks The Language Of CMOs

Bikash Chatterjee, President and CSO | Pharmatech Associates

Lean Six Sigma From An Outsourcing Industry Raconteur

 Thomas Holmes, Sr. Director, Global External Manufacturing | Biogen Idec

At Biogen, Three Keys To Outsourcing

 Joe Guiles, Director of Process Chemistry | Medivation

A Witness To The History of Outsourcing

Denise McDade, VP Quality | Capricor Therapeutics

The Paradox In Measuring Your CMO

Peter Bigelow, President | xCell Strategic Consulting

Big Pharma Veteran, Peter Bigelow, Will Help "Tell It Like It Is" At Outsourced Pharma

 Sylvie Sakata, Sr. Director, External Research Solutions | Pfizer

Pfizer Says Science First In Alliance Management

Firelli Alonso-Caplen, Sr. Director Biotherapeutics & Vaccines Outsourcing | Pfizer

Learn Pfizer's Guiding Principles For Externalization At Outsourced Pharma

 Nils Olsson, VP CMC | Retrophin

An All-Outsourcing Model For Orphan Drugs


The Three Pillars Of Industry Conferences

Boston 2017

Working at a contract drug development and manufacturing organization years ago, I had direct reports stationed around the globe. Among the lessons learned: There’s an industry-related conference somewhere on practically every day of the year.

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What Are New Board Members Saying About Outsourcing?


There are new leaders on the Outsourced Pharma Editorial Advisory Board. They’re not hesitant to provide bold analysis on outsourcing drug development and manufacturing.

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Pharma's Potemkin Village On The River Of Outsourcing

San Francisco 2016

Outsourced Pharma brings drug owners together with their contract development and manufacturing organizations (CMOs), and other external partners. We discuss the disciplines and challenges of tech transfer and project management; processes, platforms and scale ups (and downs); reliability, quality and regulatory compliance; partner selection and measurement; costs and models for outsourcing; risk assessment and mitigation; customers and patients.

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Pfizer's Key Questions For CMO Innovation

Technology in the supply chain | San Diego 2016

Among the edifying panels at this summer’s Outsourced Pharma San Diego, the one featuring Pfizer’s Bernie Huyghe – Technology in the supply chain – might have gained a conference apogee. The objective was to gain insight into an overriding question: How do we inject more innovation and technology into Pharma’s external drug development and manufacturing supply chain?

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Pharma's Super Heroes Of Innovation

Conference Preview | San Francisco 2016

It is an era of innovation in an age of outsourcing. We are fortunate to reside in this flourishing industry now riding the tide of the times. And the supply chain, to add even more adventure, is becoming Pharma’s super hero of innovation. But like any super hero, the drug development and manufacturing supply chain struggles with a dual identity.

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Top (Secret) Quality Concerns For Selecting CMOs: How Important Are Records?

Top 10 quality/regulatory topics for your outsourcing | San Diego 2016

Five experts go undercover to prioritize a secret top-ten list of quality topics for Pharma and Bio sponsors selecting contract development and manufacturing organizations (CMOs). After weeks of discussion, they select a conference venue with a room chockfull of drug industry sponsors and service providers to unveil their work.

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The Price At My CMO Isn't Right … But How Do I Know?

Real pricing and value in outsourcing | San Diego 2016

“What we’re doing up here is never done – focusing on that one input in public.” So says the serious moderator of the opening panel at Outsourced Pharma San Diego. “Instead of focusing on money, you talk openly about ‘value,’” he continues. “Well, what is that? Or it’s all about ‘relationships.’ The industry talks partnership in public, but behind closed doors, aren’t prices and costs closing or breaking outsourcing business deals?”

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Emerging Biopharma – And Their CMOs – Crazy Like A Fox

Boston 2016

“Most of the CMOs we spoke to, frankly, just thought we were crazy.” -- comment from a biopharma executive at Outsourced Pharma Boston 2016. Crazy, that is, like a fox. And this sponsor found an equally crafty contract development and manufacturing organization willing to join its pursuit in developing a new class of medicines. Today, that sponsor-provider relationship exemplifies a new model of alliance between emerging biopharma and CMOs.

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Value Creation Redefines BioPharma Outsourcing

Boston To Bangalore: Where in the world do I find my outsourcing partner? | Boston 2016

Am I starting an article on biopharma outsourcing by noting Frederick Engels, co-author (with Karl Marx) of The Communist Manifesto (1848)? Only to point this out: from collectivism to capitalism and its resultant open markets (Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations in 1776), much thought has been devoted to the concept of product “value.” Like with Engels, the notion has mostly been boiled down to a fundamental equation: value = cost/price plus profit.

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For M&A, Shire Stays Three Dimensional With CMOs

Shire's Approach: The "golden rule" in outsourcing partnerships | Boston 2016

How do biopharmaceutical companies handle CMO and supplier relationships that stem from M&A activity? In reply, one might recall the old refrain, “Very carefully.” Actually, with a healthy dose of nuance, that’s not far from accurate. Who better to provide that nuance than Shire? The folks there know M&A and outsourcing as well as anyone in the global biopharma industry today. For them, CMO integration, management and assessment traverses three dimensions: quality, process and supply performance.

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